Momentous events in history: July 23, 2018



On this day, July 22 – the most interesting that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


World day of whales and dolphins.

The celebration in honour of Konevskaya Mother of God icon.

Anthony Romanoes.


1881 In Liege established the international gymnastics Federation (FIG).

1952 In Egypt was a military coup.

1968 for the First time in history terrorists seized civilian aircraft with the hostages. The militants of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine made the first (and only) successful hijacking of an Israeli airline “El-al”.

1980 Launch of space Shuttle Soyuz-37 in the composition of his crew went into space first cosmonaut of Asia, Vietnamese Pham Tuan (Phạm Tuân).

1992 the Abkhazian Supreme Soviet declared independence from Georgia.

2000 Opened a new natural satellite of the largest planet in the Solar system — Jupiter . This is the smallest size satellite of all known, its diameter is 4.8 km from the Discovery made by astronomers at the University of Arizona and confirmed by the Observatory of Massachusetts.

2002 Scientists have received the confirmation of one of the most mysterious legends about the existence of sea monsters. Tasmania, on the shore threw a giant squid. It weighed a quarter ton, and the length of its tentacles exceed 15 meters.

2015 With the help of a telescope “Kepler” found the first earth-like exoplanet, which is located in the habitable zone of sun-like stars Kepler-452 b.

Born on this day:

1866 Francesco Cilea, Italian composer.

1883 Gustav Kafka, the Austrian philosopher and psychologist.

1933 Richard Rogers, a British architect.

1973 Monica Lewinsky, American, caused the sex scandal that nearly led to the impeachment of U.S. President bill Clinton.

1982 Paul Wesley, American actor and producer. Known for his role as Stefan Salvatore from the TV series “the vampire Diaries”.

1989 Daniel Radcliffe, British actor, who plays Harry Potter.


1757 Domenico Scarlatti, Italian composer and harpsichordist.

1885 Ulysses Simpson Grant, 18th U.S. President (1869-1877), a military and political figure, General of the army.

1916 William Ramsay, an English chemist and Nobel laureate.

2012 Sally Ride, American astronaut, first American woman astronaut.

1999 Moulay Hassan Alaoui, the king of Morocco (1961-1999).

2007 Ernst Otto Fischer, German chemist, Nobel prize laureate (1973).

2011 Amy Winehouse, the British singer.


Alexander, Anton, George, Daniel, Leontius, Peter.