Momentous events in history: June 12, 2018


Photo: from open sources

On this day, June 12 – the most interesting that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


World day against child labour.

The day of the stock market in Ukraine.


1668 in Lund (Sweden) founded one of the oldest universities of Europe.

1849 American inventor Lewis Haslett patented a gas mask.

1867 formed the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1898 Declaration of independence of the Philippines.

1926 Brazil left the League of Nations in protest against the decision to Germany.

1964 African fighter for the rights of blacks, Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment.

1966 in Kiev, launched the successful operation of the first in the world practice trolleybus train of the inventor, Vladimir Veklich’s fixators.

1967 launch of the rocket with the station “Venera-4” .

1980 UEFA has fined the English football Association on 8000 pounds for “aggressive and dangerous behavior of English fans” during the opening match between England and Belgium in Turin.

2014 in Sao Paulo was the opening of the world Cup.

2015 in Baku (Azerbaijan) held the opening ceremony of first European games.

Born on this day:

1915 David Rockefeller, American banker, financier and statesman.

1924 George Bush, 41st U.S. President (1989-1993), American statesman.

1981 adriana Lima, Brazilian supermodel.

1985 Kendra Wilkinson, American model, actress.

1992 Philippe Coutinho, Brazilian footballer.


1789 Jean-étienne Liotard, Swiss painter.

1982 Karl Ritter von Frisch, Austrian ethologist, who behavior of bees, the Nobel laureate.

1999 Omelian Field, the Ukrainian military, a political prisoner. The commander IN-3 “Lysonia” Colonel of the UPA.

2003 Gregory peck, American actor.


Basil, Isaac, Nicanor.