Momentous events in history: March 31, 2018



On this day, March 31 – the most interesting that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


International day for backup (backup Day).


1889 – In Paris took place the solemn opening of the Eiffel tower.

1893 – Whitcomb Judson invented a new fastener, called “lightning”.

1966 – the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite of the moon.

2017 – Svyatoshin airfield in Kiev made its first flight Antonov an-132D developed ANTK “Antonov”.

Rohad been held this day:

1596 – rené Descartes, French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, physiologist.

1954 – Laima Vaikule, Latvian and Russian singer, actress.

1955 – Angus young, guitarist of the Australian rock band AC/DC.

1970 – Alenka Bratushek, Slovenian politician, Prime Minister of Slovenia.

1971 – Pavel Bure, Soviet and Russian hockey player, Olympic medalist .

1971 – Ewan McGregor, Scottish actor.

1972 – Alena Babenko, the Russian actress.

1972 – Facundo Arana, Argentine actor.

1974 – Natali Russian pop singer.


1727 – Isaac Newton, English physicist, astronomer, mathematician, laid the foundations of classical mechanics.

1993 – Brandon Lee, American actor.


Gregory, Daniel, Dimitri, Cyril, Natalia Trofim.