Momentous events in history: may 31, 2018


Photo: from open sources

On this day, may 31 – the most interesting that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


World no tobacco day.

World day blondes.

The world day of struggle against inequality.

The world day of struggle with multiple sclerosis.


1815 – proclaimed the establishment of the Dutch Kingdom.

1836 in England patented screw propellers.

1850 – the abolition of universal suffrage in France.

1859 – Started in work hours set at London’s famous tower of big Ben.

1868 – birthday of Cycling.

1938 – Ukrainian Anton Gubenko made the first in the history of Soviet aircraft ramming and survived.

1946 – in Kiev, established aircraft design Bureau of Oleg Antonov.

1961 – the Declaration of independence of the Republic of South Africa from the UK.

1970 – an Earthquake in Peru killed more than 60 thousand and 600 thousand Peruvians were left homeless .

1988 – the world health organization declared may 31 the world no tobacco day (World No-Tobacco Day).

1989 – at the founding conference in Naples formed the International Association of Ukrainists.

2002 – In Japan and South Korea started the world championship on football.

2003 – Paris I met the last “Concorde”. After flying this model is discontinued.

Born on this day:

1930 – Clint Eastwood, American actor and film Director, winner of five awards “Oscar”.

1961 – Lea Thompson, American actress.

1962 – Victoria Ruffo, Mexican actress, diva of Mexican soap operas.

1965 – Brooke shields, American actress, model.

1967 – Sandrine Bonner, French actress.

1970 – Paolo Sorrentino, the Italian Director, winner of the “Oscar”.

1976 – Colin Farrell, Irish actor.


1809 – Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer.

1976 – Jacques Mono, French biochemist and microbiologist, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine (1965).

1986 – Leo James Rainwater, American physicist, Nobel prize (1975).

1996 – cardinal Timothy Leary, American psychologist, Explorer of psychedelic drugs.

2002 – Boris Sharvarko, Director, people’s artist of Ukraine.

2003 – Carlo Mikles, Ukrainian (Lviv) football player, referee and football functionary.

2017 – Lubomyr (Husar), head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (2001-2011).

1976 – Jacques Lucien Mono, French biochemist and microbiologist, Nobel laureate.


Alexander, Bogdan, David, Denis, Claudia, Leo, Paul, Peter, Simon, Theodore, Theodora, Julie.