Momentous events in history: may 4, 2018


Photo: from open sources

On this day, may 4 – the most interesting that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


The Star wars day.

The day of restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia.

Greenery day in Japan.

Youth day of China.


1113 – At the Kiev Grand-Ducal throne of Vladimir Monomakh.

1838 – cultural figures bought from serfdom to Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

1878 – Thomas Edison first publicly demonstrated his invention of the phonograph.

1904 In England, Henry Royce and Charles rolls began manufacturing cars under the name “rolls-Royce”.

1924 – In Paris began the VIII Olympic games.

The 1970 Kent state tragedy. At the University of the American city of Kent national guard opened fire on student demonstrations against the U.S. invasion of Cambodia (4 students killed).

1979 – Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister, the first woman in this post .

1986 – the evacuation zone around Chernobyl increased to 30 kilometers.

2000 – Things sunk in 1912 “Titanic” sold at auction Sotheby’s for $60,000.

2002 – the BAC 1-11 accident in Kano, killing 149 people.

Born on this day:

1825 – Thomas Huxley, an English zoologist, paleontologist, naturalist.

1929 – Audrey Hepburn, a British and American actress, winner of the award “Oscar”.

1934 – Tatiana Samoilova, a Soviet theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia.

1958 – Keith Haring, American artist, sculptor and public figure.

1983 – Michael Resch, German and Belgian biathlete.

1984 – Sarah Meier, Swiss figure skater.

1987 – Anastasia Kamenskih, Ukrainian singer.

1987 to Francesc fàbregas, Spanish footballer.

1988 – Alexander Abramenko, Ukrainian freestyle skier, Olympic champion (2018).


1953 – Nicholas G. Cold, the Ukrainian botanist and microbiologist.

1962 – Moeller Vadim Georgievich, the Ukrainian avant-garde artist (the Cubists-futurists, constructivist), designer, designer of theatrical costumes, Illustrator and architect.

1991 – Lasik Evgeny Nikitich, the Ukrainian theater artist.

1943 – Georges Andreu, a French athlete, winner of summer Olympic games.

2014 – Tatiana Samoilova, a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia.


Alex, Denis, Ivan, Maxim, Fyodor.