The Mongolian government ordered the closure of universities and other educational institutions in the country to contain the spread of a new type of coronavirus, said on Monday the Mongolian press.

According to media reports, the offices are closed from Monday 27 January to Monday 2 March.

Also closed the border crossings for cars and pedestrians.

It is noted that citizens called to cancel all mass meetings.

In December of last year in Wuhan (China Hubei province), there was an outbreak of pneumonia. Later it turned out that the cause of the disease was a new type of coronavirus.

As reported previously, the state Committee of China on health, in the last days in China from pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus, died 24 persons, the total number of deaths reached 80.

All new cases of death occur in Hubei province.

As of 00:00 hours of Monday the number of struck by a new coronavirus has reached the country 2 thousand 794 people, an increase in days on 769 cases identified. Under the suspicion of the presence of the disease are more than 3.8 thousand people.

All new cases of death occur in Hubei province, with its administrative center Wuhan city is the epicenter of the spread of the disease.

In the territories outside the mainland of the eight cases detected in Hong Kong, five in Macau, four in Taiwan.

In addition, according to Goskomstat China, seven cases have been detected in Thailand, five in Australia, four in Singapore, three in Japan, USA, Malaysia and France, two in Vietnam and one in Nepal.