A plant for refining of corn seeds of Monsanto, one of the world’s largest producers of seeds can be started in August 2018, according to the website of Zhytomyr regional administration.

“In the Zhytomyr region in 2018 will open a new seed plant, which will produce high-quality corn seeds. The plant will be better than the same in USA – sorting line will divide corn into five factions,” – noted in the message.

The seed plant will be located in the village Pochuiky Popilnianskyi district. Its construction began in 2014.

According to the report, the plant is being built in compliance with all environmental regulations in the existing seed plant.

As a result of running the plant will create 200-300 jobs.

As reported, the AMC in January 2017 has allowed open company “Monsanto seeds” (Kiev) to obtain control over the assets included in the company “Aridon” private agricultural enterprise “Ukraine” (p. Pochuiky, Zhytomyr region .) – land plot and objects that together constitute an integral property complex intended for processing of seeds of corn.

The concentration can be completed within 24 months.

“The acquisition of the plant will be a logical continuation of the investment company “Monsanto” in the expansion of the production of seed corn in traditional breeding under the brand name “DeKalb” in Ukraine. The acquisition will be completed after the construction”, – said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the press service of the company.

Monsanto plans to produce a new plant seeds for the Ukrainian market, and in the future for export to the markets of other countries. Now about 50% of the seeds of corn “DeKalb” for the Ukrainian market, the company produces in the country.

Monsanto began production of corn seeds in Ukraine in cooperation with Ukrainian partners since 2008. The company plans to continue cooperation with the Ukrainian seed plants located in other regions of Ukraine, continue to make investments (total of $140 million, including acquisition costs of the plant in the medium term) for the expansion of the production of seeds in Ukraine.

The company Monsanto was founded in 1901. The headquarters is located in St. Louis (USA) In 404 divisions of the company in 66 countries around the world are more than 20 thousand employees.

In 1991, Monsanto became the first foreign company to sign a contract for the supply of plant protection products in Ukraine. In 1992, opened its Kiev office.

“Monsanto Ukraine” produces and imports the seeds of corn, canola and vegetables only traditional breeding. Seeds of corn and canola, Monsanto is represented in Ukraine by brand “DEKALB”, vegetable seeds brands “Seminis” and “De Reuter,” plant protection products – brands “roundup”, “Harnes”, “Monitor”, “the Guardian Tetra” and “Actium”.