In the Vladimir region completed investigation of criminal case concerning 42-the summer local resident who is accused of abuse of a minor stepdaughter.

As it was established during the investigation, the man was
four children of their own, but 5 months of age brought up daughter
his new spouse. In 2006, he adopted a girl.

In 2007, when the child was 8 years old, he was recognized as a disabled person
mental illness, reports “Russian conversation”. The man took the child in
force health problems may not understand the nature and value of committed
her actions and can not resist, in 2016 some time
raped stepdaughter when he’s drunk.

In November 2016 the girl had a routine medical examination, doctors revealed her pregnancy. Of course, they immediately reported about this fact to the police.

In February, 2017 17-year-old girl gave birth to a daughter during
35 weeks . The paternity of the child was easily installed with the help of DNA test. Father
the newborn was the father-rapist.

Given the complexity of crime and the circumstances of the case, and that it is clear that the difficult situation in the family, the newborn is transferred to the custody of the state. In addition, there will be the protection of the rights of biological children of the abuser. The man is now in custody.

As previously reported, egregious case occurred in Tatarstan. There is a dentist raped a 12-year-old patient.