The Odessa appellate administrative refused the claim of the public organizations “Association of Cossack societies “Sich” to invalidate two decisions of the Odessa city Council, the adoption of which allowed to rest ore the monument to Founders of Odessa, the Central figure of which is Catherine the great.

The corresponding decision the court took on Monday.

Thus, the monument will remain in place. The plaintiffs have the right to appeal the decision to the Supreme court.

As reported, the essence of the claim of public organization “Association of Cossack societies “Sich” is the requirement to invalidate and cancel the decision of the Odessa city Council No. 97-V of 27 June 2006 “On the movement of the monument of local importance of the monument “Potemkin – descendants” and the decision of the Odessa city Council No. 1401-V on July 04, 2007 “On the complex restoration and beautification of the St. Catherine area of the city playing its historical view” in the part concerning the reproduction of the monument “to the Founders of Odessa”, the Central figure of which is a monument to Russian Empress Catherine II.

Some media interpreted this trial as the court about demolition of a monument to Ekaterina.

“Association of Cossack societies “Sich” and several other organizations have filed lawsuits in different courts of Ukraine to cancel the decision on the basis of which Odessa was installed monument to the Founders of Odessa, Dating back at least 2012.

As reported, on October 27, 2007 at Ekaterininskaya square Odessa opened the restored monument to the founders of the city, the Central figure of which is a statue of the Russian Empress Catherine II. The opening was accompanied by mass protests. Spoke out against activists of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations and the Ukrainian Cossacks.

A sculptural composition in memory of the founders of Odessa was established in 1900 and demolished in the 1920s. memorial pieces stored in the Historical Museum. On the spot where stood the composition, was a monument to the sailors of the Potemkin, built in 1965. In 2007, dismantled the “Potemkin” was moved to the Customs area.