The rule of law and public safety in Donetsk region on 8 and 9 may will provide more than 2thousands. law enforcement officers, what to Mariupol will be attracted special attention of the guards, the press service of the Department of national police of Ukraine in Donetsk region on Friday.

“Streets, parks, squares, strategically important objects and checkpoints – police strengthens security measures to protect the life of every resident and visitor to the region and to prevent any surge of panic or destabilising the situation. Under the special attention of law enforcement – frontline Mariupol, where three years ago there was a tragic event that claimed the lives of colleagues, military personnel, ordinary citizens. Police ready for immediate response to any change in the operational state in the region”, – stated in the published information .

In preparation on Friday, the heads of all territorial police units conducted a public briefing and prepared all personnel for duty on the day of reconciliation and remembrance. For internal security on the streets, the police, security outfits.

In Mariupol install police gave the Deputy head of the national police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin: “We worthily served on previous holidays, we did not allow any situation that could destabilize the situation in the city in 2015 and 2016 and will not allow it to destabilize this year. On law enforcement police, the National guard of Ukraine. The main task is the identification of people who intend to blow up the situation, the investigation and arrest of criminals, seizure of weapon and ammunition, prevention of grave and especially grave crimes. Together with Natsgvardia we are a collective of MIA of Ukraine”.

The militiamen will be given to the memorial complexes and commemorative places. In the region of the planned 79 events in 45 cities and towns. Each of them will be police officers – nearly 660 of law enforcement officers.

“Just on the streets of cities and towns will 550 outfits, of which 335 Hiking and autopatrols 28 and 46 of the rapid response teams. In addition, in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol will work crews patrol”, – stated in the message.