In the dispersal of the protest camp in early June in Khartoum killed 87 people, said on Saturday the TV channel “al Jazeera”, citing the results of the investigation.

Another 168 people were wounded.

According to the head of the investigative Commission of the Fatah-ar-Rahman said, some law enforcement officers opened fire at the demonstrators,.

In addition, three members of security agencies violated the orders of his superiors, entered the territory of the camp and giving orders to the violent crackdown on protesters.

On the morning of 3 June in the centre of Khartoum was introduced by the special forces, to whom was given the task to disperse the protesters in front of the Ministry of defence and the headquarters of the Sudanese army.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese military denies the information that they used force against the protesters.

In April, Sudan was a military coup, the country’s President Omar al-Bashir was arrested. After the coup, the country continued the mass protests demanding the establishment of civilian authorities