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TYUMEN, June 6. /TASS/. More than a thousand participants from the regions of Russia, Europe and CIS visited IT forum InnoWeek-2018, which ended on Wednesday in Tyumen. The event was attended by the heads of government bodies, owners of major IT companies and financial organizations, investors and also young entrepreneurs and startups, said on Wednesday, TASS, the press service of the forum.

“For three days the forum InnoWeek-2018 visited more than a thousand participants from 15 regions of Russia and also from Kazakhstan, Estonia, Austria and other countries. Among the guests were the heads of government bodies, business owners, investors, young entrepreneurs and startups”, – said the press service.

At the forum in the framework of the sections were made by dozens of Federal and regional experts, leaders of major IT-companies, representatives of financial organizations, experts in the information security field, developers and investors. During panel sessions the experts discussed the methodology of creating an international IT product, its launch into the global market, the methods of informational protection of the finished product, as well as investment opportunities in technology startup.

“Startup battle”

One of the key events of the forum InnoWeek-2018 was the “startup Battle” in which the experts of the companies chose the best IT-startups. In 2018, the main aspects of selection of projects was “Artificial intelligence”, “Information security”, “Internet of things”, “Augmented and virtual reality, Blockchain and crypto-currencies” and “Computer games”. According to the organizers, to “Battle of the startups” there were more than 280 IT projects from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and the USA. The finalists were 100 projects in the Grand final – 14.

The winners of “startup Battle” were the creators of the five projects in the field of information technology, all of them are Moscow. The developers have shared the prize of 10 million rubles. Special prize from Sberbank – internship opportunities in Silicon valley in the United States – received the CEO of the project WareVision Ivan Kalinov, who presented the inventory system of warehouse space with unmanned aircraft and mobile platforms.

This year for the first time in the forum InnoWeek took the “First startup” for developers under 18 years old. According to the results grants of 50 thousand rubles from Tyumen state University received three startups – MoneySendProject from Moscow, Tyumen NeuroX project and the FoRest project from the city of Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk region.

New opportunities

Forum InnoWeek-2018 has become for many companies the opportunity to find partners and talented professionals for the development and expansion of business. “We participate in such events to see potential partners. Want to these companies have also evolved, and no matter it is inside of our team or independently. It is important that the synergistic effect was further”, – told reporters the commercial Director of R-Vision Igor Smetana.

Manager of business development Group-IB Sergey Zolotukhin said that companies need a strong professional who can offer new ideas. “Naturally, we are looking for talented people, and a lot of them. This part of the process, and if we fail to select the most talented people, then we will find it difficult to compete on the international market,” he said.

InnoWeek forum as a unique platform for identifying promising projects noted in the development Fund of Internet initiatives (FRII), which supports novice developers. “We are overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the projects that I saw here. We have a unique situation, we are still never in my life in any region did not take as many companies in one day,” said portfolio Manager FRÍA Sergei Villains. Within the framework of the forum the Fund noted and awarded 18 startups.

Mutually beneficial cooperation

Large companies also found a reliable partner in the person of the government of the Tyumen region. During InnoWeek-2018 the regional authorities have entered into agreements with nine leading IT companies. In particular, in the framework of the forum signed an agreement of intent with the company “Kognitiv” representing the interests of domestic technology developer artificial intelligence Cognitive Technologies, a leader in software for unmanned vehicles.

Similar agreements were signed with companies Group-IB, “SEC Proteus”, Softico, Directum, “Nerika”, bars group, Softline and Association for the IT industry development in the Tyumen region. These companies are considering the implementation of innovative projects in the region.

According to experts of the forum, the main key to success in the development of innovative entrepreneurship is the formation in the region of a comfortable environment for developers of high-tech projects. “In the Tyumen region built a comprehensive system of measures to support IT projects. This is not only a simplified system of taxation, which so surprised the forum participants, and the rate at which IT companies is 1%, not 6%, as everywhere else, but willing to lease offices at 1 ruble per sq m, the opportunity to take innovative loans at the rate of 3% for a period of up to three years and worth up to 3 million rubles. We offer companies support programs sales, implemented jointly with the major regional and Federal companies, as well as free training,” – said TASS Deputy Director of the Department for investment policy and state support of entrepreneurship of the region Anton Mashukov.

As previously noted the acting Governor of the Tyumen region Alexander moor has signed the forum agreement are intended to company, realizing your potential, created in Tjumen products for subsequent sale in Russia and on international markets.

InnoWeek forum dedicated to the digital economy development of Russia and the instruments of the transfer of the domestic IT-solutions on international market. The forum is a platform for communication between the expert community, investors and budding developers of high-tech products. In 2017 in the framework of the forum the government of the Tyumen region signed an agreement of intent on cooperation with the leading Russian IT companies, including “InfoWatch” and “ACBK”, for the implementation of joint projects.