Europol Director Rob Wainwright


The HAGUE, June 15. /Offset. TASS Vitaly Chugin/. More than a thousand people were arrested in the European Union in 2016 on suspicion of terrorist activities. This is stated in the circulated annual report of the European police Agency (Europol) on the situation with terrorism.

“The total number of those arrested amounted to 1002 of man, – emphasized in the organization. Is 75 people less than in 2015. At the same time as in the past, and last year most of the detainees were related to radical Islamic terrorism.” With this in mind, Europol noted the importance of cooperation of European countries in this area.

“Never before has the need for information exchange was not so obvious as in the last two years, – said the Director of Europol Rob Wainwright. – Only this year, the terrorist attacks of radical Islamists in Europe claimed the lives of 135 people . Unlike the ethno-national and separatist terrorism as well as the activities of both the right and left extremists, radical Islamism is global in nature and therefore requires an international response and active cooperation between law enforcement agencies of different countries.”

In addition, the report States that in 2016 in total, the EU recorded a 142 failed, prevented, or committed a terrorist act. Reports of more than half of them came from Britain, and in the five most affected from terrorism countries also included France, Italy, Spain and Greece. The victims were a total of 142, 379 people were injured.