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The city authorities began to track prices for hotel services on the eve of the confederations Cup. Monitoring will continue until August 2, reported the press service of the Moscow city hall

According to the municipality, at the time of the Cup in all the cities that accept tournaments, approved maximum cost of hotel services. Fixed prices will be in effect the month prior to the event, during the event, and a month after the Cup.

In the city hall noted that the maximum value depends on the hotel category and room type . “In Moscow economy rooms in hotels without a category should not cost more than 3280 RUB per night in a one star — 6570 rbl., in three-star — 10750 RUB,” — said at city hall. They added that the payment should include Board agencies or online booking systems, as well as Breakfast if it is included in the base rate.

The fixity of prices in the mayor’s office explained that in the countries — organizers of the international tournaments the cost of rooms in hotels increased in several times that “frightened” of fans.