Moscow geographers were able to uncover the mystery of the UFO, which was captured on one of the images in Antarctica. According to ufologists, the alien ship has been found in the snows of the Arctic. This discovery has been possible thanks to Google Earth. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

But after looking at these photos,
experts came to the conclusion that the picture shows a rock of unusual shape, and
no UFOs in this photo there. Scientists explain that the rocks began to melt
ice, so in the photo there was an effect like a snow UFO.

In turn, ufologists
insist that the picture of the
the ice of Antarctica lies a spaceship.

Earlier the Russians said about the strange cigar-shaped UFO on the Kulikovo field.

As soon as the object
appeared over the head of the eyewitness to the incident immediately lit up orange and blue
lights . For some time the mysterious object hovered on the horizon, and then suddenly