Moscow half marathon, took part more than 20 thousand people. May 21 at the “Luzhniki” among the participants and fans was Vera Zvonareva, Irina Rodnina and other celebrities

This year’s Moscow marathon was held under the auspices of the First national half-marathon “In running the Federation.” The project runs 21.1 km place across the country — from Vladivostok to Moscow. The capital was the most widespread.

The absolute winner of the Moscow marathon was Iskander Yadgarov, who ran the 21.1 km in 1:04,01. This is a record result for the Moscow track. First place among girls at the distance of 21.1 km took Louise Dmitrieva with result 1:of 13.48.

Also in the framework of the Moscow half-marathon races were held on the 10 km men’s first ten-kilometer distance overcame Pavel Adushkin for 30, and 18. Women with a score of 34.44 won Kushnirenko Anastasia .