Maria Zakharova responded to the new package of U.S. sanctions

Russia has already proved in the “resistance” to American sanctions, said Maria Zakharova.

US authorities introduce new anti-Russian sanctions and thereby sacrifice the remnants of the former Russian-American partnership in favor of the current election race. This was stated at a briefing the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, reports TASS on Wednesday, August 28.

“This decision, which Washington announced in early August, nothing but regret, not causes. Sadly, the remains of the former Russian-American partnership must be brought in, if not born, the United States, victim of the political circumstances of the election… We remain convinced that the sanctions the US is an illegitimate instrument of pressure not only on our country, but in principle to all countries that are subject to a similar mechanism,” she said, commenting on the entry into force of the second package of anti-Russian US sanctions in the case Skrobala.

Zakharov noted that the decision on the introduction of a new package of sanctions taken in order “to damage the financial sector and high-tech sectors of the economy”, but Russia “has repeatedly proved resistant to such external constraints”.

“As you know, there have been a number of steps to ensure that these strange, illogical and destructive actions taken by Western countries to adapt and adopt a series of measures painless adaptation to the external adverse factors that are artificial,” added the Russian diplomat.

Zakharova argues that the only result of such measures from the United States – “further deterioration of the possibility of the normalization of bilateral interaction.”

“I repeat what we said many times, just for those who think in the future about the repetition of such steps: Russia will never accept imposed rules of conduct by anyone’s standards. Try to talk with Russia in the language of ultimatums is simply useless”, – concluded the speaker of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Recall that in early August, the US imposed a second package of sanctions against Russia because of the case Skrobala, as Moscow, according to Washington, has not provided the required guarantees within the framework of American law.

In addition, the U.S. Treasury Department announced additional sanctions against Russia under the law on the control and elimination of chemical and biological weapons. The sanctions came into force on 26 August.

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