MOSCOW, 8 Aug. /TASS/. Enhanced security measures at the building of the Moscow regional court, where on Tuesday will proceed hearings on business of the gang GTA, does not made the passage of visitors in the courthouse is in normal mode, the correspondent of TASS.

In the lobby of the court gathered several dozen journalists, inspect them three bailiffs and escorted to the courthouse. At the upcoming meeting it is expected the court’s decision regarding the further course of the proceedings in connection with the deaths of three of the nine defendants and the injury of two more in their attempt to escape last week.

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“They killed indiscriminately”: the case of the gang GTA

1 Aug 13:50 GMT two of the guards in the Elevator of the Moscow regional court was accompanied by the five defendants in the criminal case of the gang GTA, accused of banditry, a series of murders and other crimes . One of the defendants attacked the guard, with the result that the defendants were able to break free and seize the weapons of the guards, one of whom had to call for reinforcement of the staff of Regardie. Reinforcements arrived on the third floor, where a gun battle ensued between the defendants and police officers.

During the shooting one of the employees of Regardie was wounded. Defendants Abdumalik of Mamadjonov, Mirzakalon Mirzosharipov and Holick of Subhonov killed, two – Fazlitdin Khasanov and Zafarjon Gulyamov wounded. Holick of Subanov was the brother who was killed during arrest in 2014 the organizer of the gang of Ubaidulla Subanova.

On the fact of shooting initiated a criminal case under three articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation: 317 (“the Encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body”), part 4 of article 226 (“Plunder or extortion of weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices”), part 3 of article 30 and part 3 of article 313 (“Attempted escape from arrest or detention”).

The members of the gang accused of a series of murders of drivers on the roads of Moscow, Moscow region and Kaluga region in 2012-2014. They are accused of killing 17 people in two attacks as well as banditry, robbery, illegal manufacture and possession of weapons and theft of documents.