Today, Ukraine celebrates mother’s Day. The holiday did not become public, but more and more people recognize the need in special day would be a celebration of those women who gave birth, raised and every day to support and love us. After all, while mom is alive – you’re still a child, at least for her.

Therefore, every second Sunday of may in Ukraine and another 85 countries around the world celebrate mother’s Day.

The history of the holiday

From open sources

The history of the holiday began in 1914 in the United States – where for the first time may 8 at the state level, noted mother’s Day. The idea, however, dates back to 1872 – the pacifist Julia ward tried to introduce the day, symbolically uniting all the mothers in the struggle for peace. Despite her organize demonstrations and rallies, the state initiative was ignored.

In the early twentieth century the idea got a second life – Anna Jarvis literally attacked Christian institutions, legislative bodies and just outstanding people with a request to establish a holiday. She, however, was personal motives – Anne’s mother, Mary, a former well-known public activist, who fought for the development of health care in the U.S. died prematurely. In her memory, Jarvis still managed to succeed. In 1910 Virginia first recognized mother’s Day an official holiday. Four years later, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in may a national holiday for all mothers. For States, the initiative picked up another 85 countries.