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Coach “Manchester United” Jose Mourinho admitted he was wrong in relation to the team midfielder to Bastian Schweinsteiger. The Portuguese apologized to the German

In the beginning of the season Mourinho said that the team Schweinsteiger is not needed, and sent him to the reserves. Now the Portuguese admitted that it was a mistake.

“He’s one of the players who I would like to apologize. To apologize for what I did. It has nothing to do with his game or that, I would buy it, ask me the club. But in relation to him as a person and as a professional I behaved incorrectly. In parting, I told him: “I was wrong about you, now I want to fix this.”

Feel guilty for the way I treated him initially. He knows it. I’m going to miss this guy. He created a great atmosphere in training. And I let him go despite the fact that he could be useful to us,” said Mourinho BBC .