Jose Mourinho


Sports news: Jose Mourinho shared his opinion about the possibility of a transfer to Portuguese superstar Ronaldo in Manchester United.

In an interview with Portuguese publication Record of the mentor who calls himself “Special”, called the transfer of Ronaldo from real Madrid are virtually prohibited.

“In my opinion, Madrid may not sell Cristiano. It is almost forbidden. He will remain in the Real world, until the bosses of the club decide to let him go. For example, in the US, where he can play for another year or two. But up to this point before Ronaldo closed the door on the way out.

I think the return of Cristiano in Manchester impossible. However, we all know of his achievements and aware of the great respect which I feel for him fans. There are many players who will not refuse, having the opportunity to play in this club .

If a young Portuguese coach will make at least half of what I have achieved in my career, giving him permission to carry the nickname “the Special one”.

This year I have often joked that I should get a reward as a coach who behaves most obediently on the bench. I have not had any quarrel or disqualification!

I had the opportunity to lead the national team of Portugal. But then Florentino Perez told me that I will not be able to combine this with work in the Real world.

Perhaps someday become a coach, but it will be when I will bore 3 match in a week, 7 workouts, the offseason or permanent press conference. Do not feel that tired,” admitted Mourinho.