Jose Mourinho


Sports news: head coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho has admitted that he regrets some of the gestures and words towards Arsene Wenger.

Jose Mourinho acknowledged that his behavior towards Arsene Wenger, whom he called “voyeur” and “specialist in failures” it is not always correct.

“Was the little things, which, obviously, it would be better to avoid. Some gestures, some words — without them, it would obviously be better,” said Mourinho.

“But when I arrived in England in 2004 year, the Arsenal was the champion. They were the famous “Invincible” Champions and in the next few years between us was a competition. Bergkamp, Henry, Campbell — amazing team, and thank them for what they forced us to play at the limit”.

“Two games that we played in their old stadium a stunning, unforgettable. It was a lot of matches, big battles, and for that they also a huge thank you.”

“Regrets? Yes, the small negative episodes . Yeah, I’m sorry. And he probably is too.”