Jose Mourinho


Sports news: Jose Mourinho praised the transition of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Italian Cup.

The head coach of Manchester United believes that the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus – the right decision from the point of view and football, and marketing.

“In the Spanish League anymore the two best forwards in the world. They now have only one, and the second in Italy. Regarding England, that here is the most competitive championship with top players.

So, now there are three areas where you should look to Italy for Ronaldo to Spain for Messi to England, because here the strongest League.

Series And became one of the most important Championships. This is an example of how football changes. This transfer can change the prospects of other clubs in the championship, Milan, Roma, inter. If they are not passively admit that Juventus is stronger, you will begin to win again.

This transfer can give them the necessary motivation . All of this can change the Series And in terms of quality, emotions and influence on football.

So I congratulate Juventus with this transition. There are football component, and marketing. Very good transfer,” Mourinho was quoted by Football-italia.

Earlier it was reported that Juventus had submitted Ronaldo as your player.