The head of the party “servant of the people” Dmitry Razumkov believes that MPs during their work needs to use the Ukrainian language.

“If we are talking about official positions, I believe that after all the deputies during their professional activities must use the state language,” said Razumkov, the TV channel “112.Ukraine” on Tuesday.

He stressed: “I am sure that 99% of people’s deputies know the Ukrainian language and the representatives of our political power (the party “servant of the people” – if) will speak the state language… yet If somewhere does not have enough knowledge, they are smart”.

However, noted by Razumkov, in everyday life the people’s representatives are free to speak the language in which they choose. “In everyday life we use the language we prefer, which we used to communicate. You know that I can speak in Russian most often,” he said.

“If we are talking about official statements in Parliament, I think it is my personal position – we need to use the state language”, – he concluded.

As reported, the party of “servant of the people” will be offered the post of Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Razumkov.