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MOSCOW, February 12. /TASS./ MTS announced the acquisition of 100% stake in the Russian ticket operator Ticketland.ru and 78.2% of the shares “Phenominal.ru” for 3.25 billion and 495 million, respectively. The transaction prices are inclusive of net debt, said in a statement.

Ticketland.ru “Phenominal.ru” is one of the largest ticket providers in Russia in the segment of mass cultural events with an annual turnover of over 24 billion rubles.

“Acquiring assets that control a quarter of the turnover of sales of theater and concert tickets in Russia, we are entering a growing market with prospects for it to become a leading player,” – are reported words of the Vice-President of MTS on marketing Vyacheslav Nikolaev.

MTS representative told TASS that the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia approved the acquisition of companies .

Before Ticketland belonged to the company among investors, which is a co – founder of Qiwi Sergey Solonin, ITech Capital and other investors. In turn, the purchase of “Pronominal.ru” was carried out through the acquisition of shares in the company Cubichall the structures of the founders of Yuri Sosnitsky and Vincent Korsun and Fund Buran Venture Capital.

As noted in the MTS between the operator and Cubichall an option agreement providing for the bringing of the share of MTS to 100% of the capital Cubichall on the company’s results of operations by 2020. At this stage of 21.8% of the company indirectly controlled by Mikhail Minin – head “Phenominal.ru.”

“After transactions, ticket operators will continue to operate as an independent organization, the operational management will remain with current management, while MTS will participate in the strategic management of assets through the Board of Directors and to exercise financial control”, – added in MTS. The financial results of companies will be included in the statements of MTS as of the date of purchase.