Albir Krganov convinced that such an initiative could also contravene the “laws of Spring” and qualifies the initiative of young people as “incomprehensible” and explains that this can cause conflict on ethnic and religious grounds.

According to “Russian conversation”, according to the mufti of Moscow, the initiative “Stop Haram” (forbidden actions in Islam) is not quite right in a secular state.

He also stressed that commenting on the initiative of Muslim youth also need to study the amendments of the “law of Spring” on missionary activity.

According to the leader of Muslims of Moscow such initiatives should be discussed in advance and “just in private to go outside, and there is something to do is wrong .”

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” wrote that ex-uchastnik project “Stopham” Islam Ismailov began patrolling the streets of Moscow, along with like-minded people to identify Muslims who behave provocatively, as well as citizens, publicly Smoking and drinking alcohol. The movement was called “Stop state”.