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MOSCOW, June 12. /TASS/. The festival “Multiethnic Russia” will be held on Monday in the capital. Guests can enjoy an extensive cultural and entertainment program, the press service of the Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities (FADH), which, together with the government of Moscow was the organizer of the festival.

“June 12 is the youngest holiday in our country, but despite this, I’m sure he must unite all Russians, to all the peoples of Russia could feel itself as a United country. It is symbolic that the festival is one of the key events of celebration of Day of Russia will be held in the heart of the capital,” – are reported words of the head of FADH Igor Barinov .


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According to the organizers, the guests of the festival will run themed tents in which you can get acquainted with all the regions and peoples of Russia.

“In the tent “Country cartoons” children and adults will show cartoons from the series “Multi-Russia” about different peoples and cities; in the tent “Country crafts” will establish a real forge and a Potter’s wheel to create ceramic masterpieces; in the tent “Country dolls” will run a puppet workshop and exhibition of dolls in national costumes”, – noted in press service.

In the alleys of the Boulevard, will open a unique exhibition “the Country is in the detail,” showing the diversity of all regions of Russia. Also throughout the day will work fair ranks with the national goods and treats.

The culmination of the festival will be a musical marathon with participation of popular national bands and artists. The start of the holiday will be given at noon on the Day of Russia at Pushkin square.