Memorial House-Museum of Tsiolkovsky

© Natalia Garnelis/TASS

KALUGA, March 13. /Offset. TASS Alevtina Zubrilina/. Ryazan region, where was born the famous Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, will join to inter-regional tourist route “Russia – Motherland of cosmonautics”. Developed earlier by the Kaluga Ministry of culture of the route will pass through the Museum of aviation, located in his native village of izhevskoe in the Spassky district of Ryazan region.

“The Ryazan region as the birthplace of the founder of Astronautics of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky is going to join the tourist route “Russia – Motherland of cosmonautics”. In the future it is planned to sign the cooperation agreement on project implementation with the Kaluga region”, – TASS was told at the tourist information centre “Kaluga region”.

The Museum, which was opened to mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of Tsiolkovsky, remained the only baby picture of the eminent scientist . One of the Central places in the exhibition is a unique sculptural portrait of Tsiolkovsky. In General, the Museum has several thousand items – are materials about the life and work of the scientist-taught, including the earliest extant scholarly works, astronomical drawings, teenage sketches for a future book, “dreams of Earth and sky”. In the village a monument to the scientist.

The boundaries of the diverging route

Tour “Russia – Motherland of cosmonautics” brings together Moscow, Moscow oblast, Kaluga and Saint Petersburg. As told earlier TASS, the Minister of culture and tourism of the Kaluga region Pavel Suslov, it is assumed that the route will take four days and tourists will travel on airplanes and buses.

The first day will begin in Moscow and will include a visit to the Star city Museum of cosmonautics. Yuri Gagarin, the mission control Center. Next the group will travel with a sightseeing tour of Borovsk in Kaluga (in this town there lived Tsiolkovsky – approx. TASS). On the second day participants will visit the art-Park “Nikola-Lenivets” in the Kaluga region on the territory of which represented more than 30 architectural sites of leading Russian and foreign artists. On the third day, tourists arrive to Kaluga, then fly to St. Petersburg.

In Russia there are about 30 cities that share the theme of space, in the future we plan to expand the network of the project. Agreement on the entry in the route have already signed the Yaroslavl and Smolensk. As previously reported by TASS, the Minister of culture of the Moscow region, Oksana Kosareva, the route “Russia – Motherland of cosmonautics” will be included in the list of branded routes of the Russian Federation. The first tourists will go is expected in mid-2017.