The first passenger spacecraft will be a Japanese billionaire

In response to a question from users, Musk confirmed that by 2050 it plans to send to Mars about a million people.

The founder of Tesla’s Elon Musk spoke about the plans for the construction of ships Starship to transport people from Earth to Mars, which has become known in his Twitter.

According to the Mask in SpaceX plans included the construction of 100 ships of Starship per year, to deliver to Mars from Earth at 100,000 every time the orbits of the planets will be positioned well for the flight (distance between Earth and Mars becomes an attainable approximately every 26 months).

Musk also confirmed in comments to one of the users that’s going to fly to Mars about a million people by 2050.

He represents the future flights are as follows: 1000 spaceships appear in earth orbit and will fly throughout the month in the period, when the Earth with Mars at a close distance.

As you know, the first space tourist on the ship Starship will be a Japanese billionaire Yusaku of Maezawa. He even decided to find a companion for the joint flight to the moon with the TV show.

Recall, Elon Musk said that Tesla may soon be “talking”. It is expected that electric cars will alert pedestrians of its approach at high speeds.

Earlier it was reported that the stock price of Tesla for the first time exceeded $ 500.

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