The President of the Russian football Union Vitaly Mutko said that he learned “from cover to cover,” teach English language, which he presented to the President of the country Vladimir Putin in December 2015.

“Self learned from cover to cover, these phrases say. All right, we move, so thank you very much. A very good question (“thank you very much, a very good question”),” — said Mutko, responding to journalists ‘ questions. He also noted that the level of English allows you to communicate calmly in a sports theme.

In 2010, Mutko became famous all over the world with the sign “minus”. On the eve of the ceremony of the election of the host of the 2018 world Cup, he said in English speech, which was written for him in translit (Russian letters). A clear accent and pronunciation Mutko sparked online storm of excitement and indignation at the same time . Especially popular was the first phrase: “Years mi SPIK from may HART” (Let me speak from my heart – “Let me say from the heart”).

In 2015, Putin, congratulating Mutko on his birthday, presented him with the same phrase.

“Because Vitaly is not only our football, but also is an international functionary, I want to give him a PhraseBook of the English language and wish success in study”, – said the head of the Russian Federation.