On the eve of the awards ceremony MUZ-TV, the main thing that interested journalists, was the question to the leading of ceremony Xenia Sobchak: she led the event, if defeated in the presidential election? Not able to climb in a pocket behind the word ek is a candidate for the position of head of state, not without sarcasm, as always, replied that if this ceremony was shown on all channels, not just one, purely musical.

As she sang Alla Pugacheva, for it would be “you can give everything”, but, alas, not grown together, and we have received unprecedented hype. Just unprecedented anywhere else in the world.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

But despite the fact that all the channels showed a straight line with the people of the opponent, the winning candidate Sobchak, CEO of music television and the chief ceremony of Arman Davletyarov met the star guests on the red carpet with a broad and satisfied smile . Because even without such a missed opportunity shaped gathered at the summit music stars of the Russian show-business hypovase to the fullest, in his own way.

The duty on horses, for example, went to the people of Olga Buzova. Why on duty? Because in the year when Sobchak fell out of favor due to the entrainment of oppositionists and brightest celebrities for some time expelled from airs, the ceremony had a horse, too, seems, under Philip Kirkorov. All the time, so decided that poor horse is specially dragged with the hint, they say, instead of the absence of the presenter. Now, it seems, everyone gathered and say, Sobchak, and the horse, and joined them Buzova. Horses, people and volleys of fire guns…

Say, still not included academicians, initially forming the list of nominees in any category, not for the first time took my words back. He himself three years ago, thinking that eternal and great, Flirty asked ourselves “nowhere to turn”. Everyone then sighed in relief. But then, apparently, thought that I was wrong, looking like a dismantled of all these elephants, plates, gramophonic, samovarchik, symbolic platelets and other show-bytowskie “attributes of glory” his hungry colleagues. And now, the first ceremony clamoring to return, that is, in the ass – that is, the list of nominees. Like, I am the master of his words: it gave him and took it. Well, changed my mind. Windy star.

He now demanded from the organizers to the “hitra” Color “blue mood” was included in all the categories, and from the hall also insisted choral singing nationwide to confirm the love and delight of his scandalously obscene opus.

People, of course, sang out of tune, but that probably more just warmed the soul the self-proclaimed “the king of pop” – spitted on a stake of Olga Buzova and the burning of Ksenia Sobchak, who thus hypovase along with “the king of pop” during a performance of his number.

Burned and spitted out, I must say, very naturalistic – Buzova was clearly dead, and Sobchak in kind burned. Oh, how he exulted in his heart Philip! Sure. Because in every joke, as you know, there is some truth to it. As perhaps the diagnosis is “you’re crazy”, which is also jokingly put the “family friend” brilliant presenter and comedian Maxim Galkin, knowing that businki his wife going to Moldova on “the day of strawberries” to the village to Dodona. Although, if that Dodon was the President of a small Sunny country, then, perhaps, reason to worry for the health of each would be more…

The girls had fun and your piece of hype. Buzova do not feed bread – let me have a good laugh, it’s all of this and woven. And Sobchak invested, apparently, in the scene, its burning own meaning – hinting at a difficult sudbinushku though glamorous, but still oppositionist, for which I even voted in the recent “Kabbalah”. Moreover, any politically tinged jokes and sarcasm Ksenia this time does not allow. Although in past times this happened is not uncommon. Whether yourself come to a bubbling throat, if she came? In General, I just had to burn. As Joan Of Arc.

Besides, Sobchak, apparently, was not up to political humor when she saw Yana Rudkovskaya in a trendy pink dress from the famous designer, which yesterday showed on the catwalk in London, and today it was on Rudkovskaya. She was shaking lips, “Ian, how did you do that?”.

Jana mysteriously rolled her eyes, but not for long, because, of course, could not tell anyone or falling, as this dress is specially and urgently dragged into a panic flight from London to, therefore, to kill Sobchak and all the other glamorous women at the ceremony… As she burst from pride and pathos during this pathetic narrative, has remained a mystery. Oh, and nice that does not burst, and that would be who remained Bilan with a plate for “Best song” “Keep”?

By the way, the bowl Jan was unhappy. She is still wanted for the album “Egoist” because he is “the only one (of Russian music), which hit the world iTunes”, but the award went to Dima’s eternal shade – Sergey Lazarev for the album “In ЭпицеNтре”.

Both “brother” left seems to be very unhappy that in the main nomination “performer of the year” gave way to hardened Grigory Leps. And Leps was a handsome man. Somehow he did it without grimaces and art zalamyvaniya owner, in accepting the award, just to say: that this is the last time, I will not and do not want anything more to me, and so many well-deserved awards, and there are a lot of decent young people, for which such recognition is very important and necessary. So I will sing, and will not get. Humanely and with dignity… So: Kirkorov has arrived, Leps departed. Or Vice versa? In short, the law of communicating vessels…

Not so obvious, but the “good” HYIP for dedicated to become the figure of the Director of the ceremony made, I must say, colorful, technologically advanced and creative. The new master of scenography was Andrew King, the choreographer and set designer, which Svetlana Loboda first wonderful daughter Evangelina. Beautiful was a pair, but alas… Parted like ships at sea. And now this same King put in the number for his former zaznobushka.

I must say, it was probably the best room of the entire ceremony. Also very expected. Two weeks ago Loboda only gave birth to second daughter, whose name has not yet been announced, as the actual name of the alleged father. The singer gave birth in Los Angeles while on tour in America, where she had 30 gigs in a month. Her arrival in Moscow, though it was expected, but hung in the balance as date of birth do not order.

And it was not just the arrival, but also a premiere – bomber rooms and new hit Super Star. No, on the stage shone not given birth two weeks ago a young woman, but really a superstar, which was all fine – the form, content, energy, emotion, flow…

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Livestream of the ceremony gathered at the screens, of course, agitated the entire music community and fans. Musical results of the year by MUZ TV was, as always, somewhere unexpected, somewhat predictable, confirmed the obvious trends that were seen, for example, our award-winning musical “Sound Track” at the beginning of the year.

So, Olga Buzova, scandalous, terrible and wonderful, was recognized by the readers of “MK”, “Breakthrough of the year”, and by the summer already “grown” to “the Best songs you’ll ever need” “Little Half”.

Olga was happy, and it can be understood. Judging by the reaction of many thousands of “Olympic”, the people were agree with this verdict, despite the continuing obstruction of celebrities from the music snobs.

Polina Gagarina on ZD Awards was the “Best performer”, and a plate of MUZ TV no less justly won for “Best video” “Disarmed”. In different nominations “crossed” between us Filipp Kirkorov and Dima Bilan… But the version of music awards on the version to somewhere the same, but somewhere different. Different formats, different audiences and decent actors, which, fortunately, is much more than nominations.

Therefore: viva la musica! In the summer the grid of the TV channel MUZ-TV, in addition to practical nonstop this year’s ceremony included also a repeat from last year ceremony “MK” ZD AWARDS, which will remind you of the recent music trends, many of which have not lost their relevance, will delight music fans and fans of songs and numbers of the universal favorites and will start the countdown before the next musical battles, ceremonies and tabulation – including ZD AWARDS. Meet me at the TV screens on Saturday, June 30 at 15.00. However, we still recall.