Mothers and fathers relate differently to sons and daughters – at least when choosing gifts to children.

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Often said that mothers like daughters more and fathers – sons. Psychologists from Rutgers University believe that the way it is, anyway, when in front of parents raises the question of who is primarily to make a gift.

The study involved families in which there were two children, a son and a daughter; their parents were given valuable paper on certain (not very large) amount, so they gave it to one of their children. It turned out that most mothers prefer to make a gift to his daughter and most fathers – son. And from the cultural context of such parental preferences are apparently not heavily depend – a similar experiment was set in India, and the results were the same.

At other times, the researchers suggested parents to buy a lottery ticket, which could win the backpack . Lottery tickets were different for boys and girls: “boys” ticket, you could win a backpack for the boys in “girl” backpack for girls.

As write the authors in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, 75% of mothers chose “girl” tickets, and 87% of fathers of “boys”. That is, even if the gift in question (it’s about the lottery), even if the future, so to speak, not quite definitely, mothers and fathers still try to do so in a more advantageous position was the child of their gender.

Psychologists say that such preference occurs unconsciously – if you ask parents what they love, they respond that they love both children equally, and, most likely, they themselves firmly believe in it.

We can say that the obtained results give an argument in favour of financial equality between husband and wife: you can imagine how unequal is the position of children in the family, where runs the mother or father.

Of course, it could be argued that parental love is more than gifts and pocket money; well, in that case, you can simply make a reservation about the material component of parental love.

And in fairness, it is worth remembering a recent survey of employees of Emory University and the University of Arizona, which found that young dads to baby girls are treated with more attention than baby boys.


According to the materials of MedicalXpress.