Photo: Getty Images Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina told me all about her life project WTA My Story.

The first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina showed how lives in London. Tennis player allowed in the house crew draft of My Story from the WTA, which told about his childhood in Odessa, early tennis career and future plans.

“I was born in Odessa and my parents thought that if I stayed, I will not be able to develop as a tennis player. So we started to think about perezda abroad, so I had the opportunity to play with strong opponents. It was difficult, as it is already in the 12-13 years I was away from home, but this difficult step was correct.

My mother is a leader, she pushes me on some steps and always finds me the motivation. Her energy makes me work on myself and move forward. But dad is a quiet man, he always takes informed decisions,” said Svitolina.

The tennis player spoke about life in London and about why you have chosen to live this city.

“I am happy in London, but still can’t believe that I live here. If I once said that I live in London, I would never have believed it, but it is.

I first came to London at the Junior Wimbledon. My mom then stopped in a very small room. After that I began to come here more often and just fell in love with this city”, – said the Ukrainian.

Svitolina recalled his victory at the Final tournament and named his main goal.

“Victory at the Final tournament in Singapore was the best moment in my career. After that, I had so many messages of congratulations! This triumph was important not only for me but also for Ukraine. This is very important when athletes can tell the world about their country by their achievements. I felt it when I came back to Ukraine.

It is very important to develop tennis in Ukraine and allow the people to be distracted by something from politics. And it’s my job to do what I do best – play tennis. Before me now stands a new challenge – to win a Grand slam tournament and to lead the world rankings. To these goals I will move in the near future. It motivates me every day to get up and go to train in the gym or on the court. Everything I do every day for new victories,” said Svitolina.

Earlier it was reported, who will be meeting Svitolina for the start of the tournament in Rome.

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