The former head of Odessa police Dmitry Golovin

NABOO opened criminal proceedings on the fact of Declaration of false information by the former chief of the National police in Odessa region Dmitry Golovin for 2017. This is reported by “Ukrainian news”, citing a source in the NAB.

The case opened on article 366-1 (“Declaration of false information”) of the Criminal code. Informed by results of check of the Declaration Golovin for the 2017 national Agency for prevention of corruption showed signs of declaring false information on the amount of more than 250 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (UAH 484 thousand).

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It is established that he failed to declare he owned a car, apartment and the apartment wife, and pointed out false information about your income and the income of the wife.

As reported, the Solomensky district court of Kyiv ruled to arrest the property of the former chief of Ukraine in Odessa region Dmitry Golovin, who is suspected in the theft of quantities of cigarettes for 50 million UAH, which were a material evidence in criminal proceedings.