According to the results of competitions by the staff of the NEB were 560 employees, 38 of them have academic titles.

The National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine on a competitive basis selected 560 people, of which 63 current employees are participants in hostilities, the press service of NABOO.

“The results of tenders by employees of the NABU were 560 people. 38 of them have academic titles: 27 candidates of legal Sciences, 6 economic, 2 technical, one political, medical Sciences and Sciences of physical education and sport. 63 employee of the Bureau are involved in the fighting. The youngest employee is 23 years old, the oldest — 62”, — stated in the message.

Named the date of the competition in the new composition of the Council of public control at NABOO

In the NAB announced today that the units of work 158 the Bureau of detectives, among them 14 women . At the same time, said the Agency, 27 of detectives to NAB previously worked in law enforcement or in public service.

The Bureau recalled that, on 16 April, 2017 National anti-corruption Bureau celebrated its second anniversary. Two years ago, namely April 16, 2015 — Ukraine’s President has signed two decrees creating a National anti-corruption Bureau and the appointment of Artem Sytnik its Director.