“Naftogaz of Ukraine” in 2018, reduced net profit by 2.8 times (24 billion 531,525 million UAH) in comparison 2017 year – on-year to 13 billion 613,258 million UAH, according to a released on Tuesday by the consolidated group.

According to the press service of the NAC, the reduction in net profit occurred due to the fact that the financial statements of the company for 2017 were shown the positive results of the decisions of the Stockholm arbitration in the amount of 12,6 billion UAH. The accounts for 2018, in turn, was considered recognized “Naftogaz” VAT for compensation according to the decision of the arbitration on gas transit in the amount of UAH 4.8 billion. To reduce another profit of 10.1 billion UAH was also influenced by provision for litigation claims. A large part of this sum (UAH 9.6 billion) amounted to the provision of litigation and JSC “Ukrtransgaz” to cover resbaloso in the GTS.

According to the audited Deloitte document net income from sales for the year 2018, increased by 9.1% (17 billion 10,689 million UAH) to 204 billion 938,122 million UAH, gross profit – by 11.5% (4 billion 749,684 million UAH), to 46 billion 37,553 million.

The income was received: from the transit of natural gas (billion 347,411 72 million); sales getpostalcode enterprises for the needs of the population (56 billion 245,072 million UAH); the supply of heating services for the population (25 billion 985,714 million UAH); the supply to other consumers within spacebattles (16 billion 318,633 million UAH); the supply to other consumers outside specialist (33 billion 536,658 million UAH); the other (504,634 million UAH).

“Naftogaz Ukraine” unites the largest oil and gas enterprises of the country. The holding is a monopolist on transit and storage of natural gas in underground storage, and oil transportation by pipeline transport through the territory of the country.