In the leaked, naked photos of Rustam Solntsev from vacation. It is known that now the man is on the island of Barbados with his mother.

Recently, Rustam Solntsev told his fans that he went on vacation. Now eks-the participant “Houses-2” resting on the island of Barbados. After a lazy rest on the beach US the man is going to go to new York, according to “Russian conversation”.

Even while participating in the “House-2” Solntseva was called one of the most outrageous parties ever starred in a reality show. On the days of Rustam, who has long left the “meadow”, once again proved that this unofficial title was given to him not in vain. In the Network appeared pictures of the Frank nature in which Rustam posing without clothes.

The Chain also posted a few images on which ex-member of telestroke posing on the beach. Fans of Rustam was surprised to see these images in free access on the Network. However, the man himself until that leak provocative photos have not commented.

Earlier, Rustam Solntsev went on holiday with his mother. Ex-member of telestroke spent a lot of money to make a vacation at an expensive resort.

Also, “Russian conversation” reported that recently a man suffered a botched plastic surgery, the results of which were shocked by his fans.