Photo: Mikhail Shekhanov for the Ukhta Local Museum

Discovery is the oldest of all such fossils. She is 35 years lay without studying.

Scientists have named the animal, which was first able to live on land. It is reported by the journal Scientific Reports.

During the analysis of the paleontological collections of the University of Wisconsin, experts found samples of the Silurian fossils of Scorpions. They were discovered in Wisconsin in 1985 and until now has not been explored.

Scorpions are one of the first fully terrestrial animals. The oldest sample of fossils so far was Scorpio Dolichophonus loudonensis, whose age is 434 million years.

The University discovered the fossils turned out to be three million years older. He found parts of the respiratory and circulatory system almost identical to modern Scorpions.

While this is the oldest specimen of a creature that could live a full life on land.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found a weak spot invulnerable creatures. Also the Correspondent wrote that there were found the remains of the largest dinosaur.

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