Thursday, April 25, the head of the health services of the state Anil Jasinghe said that as a result of a series of explosions in Sri Lanka that occurred on April 21, killed about 250-260 people. It is reported by “Izvestia”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“It can be 250 or 260. I can’t say for sure. Very many parts of the body, it is difficult to give a precise figure,” he said.

After the attack began to receive information that more than 180 people died, 500 more were injured varying degrees. Among the victims were both local and foreigners. According to preliminary data, the Russians in the explosions were not injured.

Even more disturbing news began to come from Sri Lanka this afternoon. Eyewitnesses reported that in the city there was another explosion near Zoological garden in Dehiwala, the number of deaths increased by 2.

Recall that Sri Lanka were reeling from the series of explosions heard in churches and hotels during the celebration of Easter.

In addition, the new explosion, which is the latest after a series of terrorist acts committed by militants in Sri Lanka, occurred in the area of Pogoda.

As previously reported, three children co-owner of the ASOS were killed in bombings in Sri Lanka.