Surfaces in toilets are a threat to human health

To avoid contamination with dangerous bacteria, it is necessary to restrict the direct contacts with surfaces in the restroom, especially with door handles, taps and devices for supply of towels.

According to scientific journal Conversation, the greatest danger to human health in a public toilet represent any objects and surfaces which touch people, as well as those where the spray when flushing the toilet.

The publication reports that on the taps in the sink, the soap dish and the feed of paper towels is usually an excessive amount of bacteria because people use them all the time.

Also become especially dirty door handles, because not every visitor restroom washing his hands.

To reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended to close the faucet and open the bathroom door using paper towels or cloth.

The publication stresses that it is highly inadvisable to eat or drink and to smoke and use a cell phone in the toilet.

The authors remind us that according to research, mobile devices can be up to ten times more germs than a toilet seat.

In this case the seat is not dangerous to health, and the risk of infection of intestinal infection is very small, since the main ways of getting bacteria in the human body through the hands into the mouth.

Most microbes are on the floor, door and toilet paper holder in the stall because that’s where they get the spray when flushing the toilet.