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Under the ban of carbohydrate.

Researchers from Harvard University have discovered a curious link between diet and mental health in women. They found that the love of some products makes women more prone to depression.

Researchers from Harvard claim that the passion for food with a high content of fast utilizable carbohydrates affects not only the physical form of the women but also on their mood. “The more often a woman eats prepared foods, pasta and bakery products, the higher its tendency to depression,” said they, in particular.

Researchers over 10 years was observed and analysed the diet of hundreds of voluntary participants in the project. They were convinced that women in the diet which are present fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and olive oil, had a much more positive indicators of his mental state . Those who frequently ate pasta, rice and meat, and regularly ate ready-made snacks in the form of chips and crackers, at times more often suffered from depression.

Even before scientists spoke about the fact that women are more susceptible to the development of depression because of the instability of the hormonal system. Natural components contained in these products, they weaken the nervous system in women, warned the doctors.