Child adoption in Ukraine




News of Ukraine: the Ministry of social policy reported that for 5 months of 2018 in Ukraine 604 adopted child, and the candidates for adoptive parents, there are now 1,700 people.

In Ukraine there are more than 17 thousand children who can be adopted, and candidates for adoptive parents — 1 thousand 700 people. It is stated in the reply of the head of Department to ensure access to public information of presidential Administration on a request for information.

“On the account of children who may be adopted is more than 17 thousand children. The number of candidates in adoptive parents — 1700 people”, – stated in the message.

The Ministry of social policy in response to the request noted that among these 1,700 prospective adoptive parents are citizens of Ukraine .

Also in the Ministry said that out of 17 thousand children currently waiting for adoption, about 12 thousand are in family care (guardianship, foster families, family type homes) and nearly 5 thousand is arranged in the state institution.

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In the Ministry noted that in recent years its tendency to reduce the number of children registered for adoption. In particular, in 2012, these children were 26 thousand, in 2014 — 22 thousand, in 2016 — more than 18 thousand children.

However, the Ministry of social policy, referring to operative data of services for children, reported that within 5 months of 2018 in Ukraine was adopted 604 orphans and children deprived of parental care (citizens of Ukraine — 471, foreigners — 133 child).

According to the results of 2017 in Ukraine was osenovlag 1841 orphan, a child deprived of parental care, of which Ukrainians 1518 children, and foreign nationals — 323 children.

It is noted that foreign nationals often adopt children aged 6 to 16 years.