It should be noted that the singer appeared on stage drunk with a bottle of whiskey in his hand, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to the publication UssurMedia.

Viewers of the show revealed that the actress behaved indecent and shocked the fans behavior.

“She began to throw out the negative, to complain about their problems. <…> Singing some rock, with mats. The audience was in shock,” said one of the fans of the singer.

Visitors of the concert said that the concert started late. After the appearance of Nargis, she stated that most of the audience will leave with her performance. According to witnesses, she was not mistaken.

“A lot of swearing. Thus in a hall there were many people with families. Concert chaos, Nargis drank whiskey,” shared one of the witnesses.

The fans Nargis has complained that at the concert she sang other people’s songs and did it poorly.

“The musicians played better than she sang,” says one of the spectators.

Another resident of Ussuriysk said that the singer turned to those who bought tickets for the balcony down to the stalls and “to have courage”.

“It was evident that the artist drunk,” he added.

Another local resident has complained that the poster was not indicated that the repertoire of Nargis now no popular songs.

“Many gave the tickets to parents, brought their children with them, and now this. I wanted to leave in 15 minutes”, she concluded.

In addition, some fans liked her “unusual” concert.

As reported earlier, the Russian Dialogue, the residents of Samara remained discouraged and dissatisfied with the performance of the singer Dima Bilan on the occasion of the city Day. Artist suspiciously slowly drank, and made a strange movement. Viewers felt that the singer was drugged or drunk.

Recall that the singer Nargiz told who actually is behind her break with the label Fadeeva. According to Nargis, she was trying to get away from the production center, but Fadeev comforted her, promised that all will be well, and did not want to terminate cooperation with it.