Photo: the international space station will take tourists

Flight and one month stay on the International space station will cost at least $ 59 million.

NASA Finance Director Jeff DeWitt said the flight and one month stay private tourist to the International space station is estimated to cost more than $ 59 million. He said this on Friday, June 7, at the briefing.

“Now we pay about $ 80 million per seat for our astronauts per flight… (With the resumption of flights on American ships) the price will drop to $ 58 million. Theoretically, I guess, is that will pay a private visit for shipping (ISS)”, − said the representative office.

However, he added that the exact price will be set by the company-the owner of the spacecraft.

DeWitt also said that during the stay in orbit, including nutrition and use of life-support systems, tourist to pay for NASA.

“Roughly speaking, it costs about 35 thousand dollars per night (about one million per month)”, − he said.

Earlier in the same day NASA announced the expansion of the use of the ISS by commercial companies, including on the opening of the space station for comic tourism, production and marketing.

Since 2020, the Agency plans to annually send to the ISS two short-term tourist mission.

Earlier it was reported that the company SpaceX chose the first tourist, who has to make a round around the moon on a space ship Big Falcon Rocket. The flight scheduled for 2023.

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