SD card from the camera


Photo: from open sources

Science news: During the spacewalk, the ISS drew Feustel couldn’t use the GoPro camera, complaining about the lack of a memory card.

Negotiations Feustel with the mission control Center in Houston was broadcasted live, and caused ridicule in the network, says Science Alert.

“Hey, Houston, I want to ask a question about GoPro very quickly. I click on the entry, but shows “no SD”. How do I record the video and burn a red light?”, asked drew Feustel.

On the Ground the question was met with a surprised pause, but then told the astronaut that the inscription “no SD” indicates the absence of the SD memory card , and the best solution in this situation would be to turn off the camera.

The fact that the modern GoPro cameras have no built-in memory and an astronaut, of course, could not quickly return back to the space station to retrieve the SD card.

If you don’t count this episode, Fustel and his teammate Ricky Arnold conducted a successful spacewalk. The astronauts successfully checked and replaced two cooling unit, which are mounted on the external side of the station. The spacewalk lasted about six and a half hours.

It was 210 spacewalk in the history of the ISS and the third this year. The next release is scheduled for June 14. “Let us hope that by the time they will be able to find the SD card, and they will have some time for shooting between critical maintenance work station”, says Science Alert.