The Rover



Academic group NASA on images received from the Rover Curiosity, has detected corruption the wheels of the spacecraft.

In the jet propulsion laboratory reported that the breach happened by natural causes wear of the material. This should not prevent further operation of the unit and will not affect the plans of operation.

According to researchers, the expiration date of all six wheels is sufficient to overcome the route at all given points, but one wheel will wear out a little faster than the others. This was stated by the head of the mission at JPL Jim Erickson. Recall that the Mars Rover Curiosity began its journey in 2012.

To date, the total mileage was 16 miles on the Martian surface. Going into specifications, the Rover has six wheels with a diameter of 50 centimeters. Total length of the device is three feet, and weighs 900 pounds. The Rover is able to overcome obstacles up to 75 centimeters .