Photo: the Saturn

In the space Agency compared the images of the red planet and Saturn made in 2016 and a recent photo.

Before the opposition of Mars with the Earth, NASA has revealed new pictures of the planet. Images of the red planet and Saturn of 2018 made at almost maximum zoom from space to our planet.

This summer, Mars, and Saturn are as close as possible to the Ground. Space Hubble telescope, taking advantage of convergence, made new images in high resolution.

Eclipse of the moon and opposition to Mars: where and when

The difference in the photos in a few years. The photos were taken in early 2016, a fresh photo of Saturn and Mars created on the sixth of June and seventeenth of July, respectively.

The closest approach of Saturn with Earth was on June 27, Mars will approach closer on Friday, July 27 .

Liquid water on Mars: how did the opening

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