A new picture showed the auroras on the planet, which extend for about 1000 km.

New composite photo of Saturn was shown at NASA. The picture appeared on the official page of the office Instagram.

It is noted that this composite image is “false color.” Got it on the basis of the data of the interplanetary station Cassini.

It depicts the Aurora Borealis, stretching some 1,000 kilometres from the tops of clouds South polar region of Saturn. The photo of the rings of the planet are shown in dark blue, the surface blue, purple and raspberry shades. Green Aurora Borealis noticeable near the poles of Saturn.

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Publication from NASA (@nasa) 16 APR 2020 2:33 PDT

Auroras at the poles of the planet are formed due to the interaction between the solar winds and charged particles from Saturn’s moons.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have unraveled the mystery of the hot atmosphere of Saturn. Also the Correspondent wrote that at the very accurate pictures of the Sun found a mysterious thread.

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