The singer admitted that due to work schedule do not always have time to pay attention to the child.

It reports “Russian Dialogue,” citing foreign media.

Natalia has 15 years married to popular musician Ricardo Mollo. The couple is happily married and together are raising a young son Merlin. However, a large part of caring responsibilities for the child assumes it is the husband of the singer, as she has a busy schedule.

The celebrity admitted that sometimes feels very bad because of the omission of important moments in the life of her son, experiencing a sense of guilt.

According to Natalia, her husband is a caring father. Ricardo familiar with all the teachers son, regularly attend PTA meetings and takes part in all the events in the garden. Oreiro remembered it because of the shootings couldn’t be with Merlin on his first birthday and was very upset because of this . The actress also hurts when her baby hurts, and she still has to work, and the baby can take care of only his father.