The star of “Tatiana’s day” Natalia Rudova shared candid photos from the beach.

Natalia Rudova often shares with fans spicy images. Recently, the star went on holiday, where often photographed in a swimsuit on the beach. Several of these photos appeared in the microblog celebrities. One of them is particularly pleased with followers, according to “Russian conversation”.

In the picture Rudova was depicted in a bathing suit, and pushed him hard enough so that her Breasts were almost exposed. “My standards of beauty do not fit into modern realities of existence,” said the actress, adding an ironic hashtag “Testemitanu and descpackaging”.

The fans were delighted with the picture of a celebrity. Many noted that Employment need not follow modern standards of beauty, as an actress and looks so beautiful too . “It seems to me, a perfect figure”, “At least you have all own”, “a Very shapely and good. No one misses cellulite Kardashian”, – spoken fans.

Earlier, Natalia Rudova pleased the fans with the explicit video.